ipad-chitikaApple’s iPad has always been a popular choice amongst consumers as personal purchases or even as gifts, but at the same time with powerful and affordable Android tablets like the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, we’re sure that some Android OEMs are definitely giving Apple a run for their money. However thanks to a new Chitika report, it shows that Apple’s iPad still remains dominant as far as web traffic is concerned in the US and Canada. The report is based on peak hour traffic which they have put to be at 9PM ET.

As you can see in the graph above, Apple’s iPad is dominating both Android tablets as well as Microsoft’s Surface tablets by considerable margin. Even in off-peak surfacing, the iPad accounted for way more traffic than Android tablets and Surface tablets combined, although it really is during the peak periods that the iPad truly shines and is estimated to be four times more than the competition. In order to arrive at their conclusion, Chitika has studied tens of millions of ad impressions within the Chitika ad network, so safe to say that there was a lot of data that they have managed to extract and compile into the graph above.

Interestingly despite Microsoft launching their new Surface 2 tablets which have better specs and better battery life, it would seem that as far as tablets are concerned, they still aren’t generating as much interest compared to the iPad or Android. What do you guys think?

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