iphone-5s-review-007Unlike other manufacturers, Apple releases products once a year. They refresh their Mac computer lineups on an annual basis, their iPads on an annual basis, and their iPhones on an annual basis. You see where we’re going here. That being said, is it a bad thing to release phones only once a year? Well apparently Sony’s mobile chief and European president, Pierre Perron, thinks so, according to an interview with The Inquirer.


According to Perron, he feels that Apple is “missing out” by only releasing a new phone once a year, as opposed to releasing it multiple times a year with incremental upgrades. “This market is going very fast. Because mobile consumers are more demanding when it comes to entertainment experience, [they] want to access music, game experiences, faster [and] easier, in a more integrated way.”

Perron cites the recently announced Xperia Z2 as the perfect example after having been announced only five months after the Xperia Z1. To be fair we do understand where he’s coming from and in the world of Android, that would make perfect sense if one had the resources to release multiple products a year.

However the difference with Apple is that while their hardware might “lag” behind Android, their hardware and software have both been optimized for one another, meaning that users will always have the best experience.

Of course this stops being true when the software becomes too demanding for the hardware, but for the most part iPhones are able to last several generations before they begin to slow down noticeably. What do you guys think? Should Apple make multiple releases a year?

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