new-blackberry-ceoWhen it comes to choosing a smartphone platform, there are factors to think about. Do you like the way it looks? Do you like its features? Can I customize it to my liking? Are there many apps available for it? And so on. If there is one disadvantage that BlackBerry has compared to Android and iOS is the lack of native apps available for the platform. Sure you can run Android apps but at the same time we’re sure that BlackBerry 10 users would prefer if developers were to create apps optimized for the platform, right? Well apparently to John Chen, perhaps apps might not necessarily be that important after all.

Speaking to Forbes, Chen was asked if a small player like BlackBerry can survive even when giants like Microsoft are struggling in the mobile market dominated by Apple and Android, Chen’s reply was in the affirmative and likened BlackBerry to Porsche and Lamborghini, and was quoted as saying, “You have CEOs of major companies who whip out their BlackBerrys because of the keyboard. They don’t care about apps. And, by the way, from a security point of view I’m starting to worry about where these apps are actually coming from.” That is certainly very radical thinking which might explain how he got the job in the first place, but what do you guys think? Will this sort of thinking be what it takes to turn BlackBerry around?

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