Thatgamecompany-LogoIf there is a title that Thatgamecompany is known for, it would be Journey.. The game launched a few years ago as a PlayStation exclusive and went on to be the fastest selling title on PSN. That being said, we’re sure that many gamers are wondering what the developers are up to next, and when might we see the next game? Well in response to a fan, Thatgamecompany’s co-founder, Jenova Chen, replied by saying that we might be hearing about the studio’s next title later this year, although apart from that he did not dive into any specifics.

Previous games from the studio have typically been released as exclusives for Sony’s PlayStation platform, so here’s hoping that whatever it is that Thatgamecompany has in store will be available across a variety of platforms including the PC. While the details of their next game remain a mystery, it has been suggested that it was going to be huge and that it would be an industry changer. Given that Journey has somewhat changed the gaming landscape by offering gamers something different from all the action and FPS games out there, here’s hoping that the studio will be able to replicate their success.

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