Hackers seem to be on a roll these days, almost every other week we hear about a major online property being hit by a security breach which ends up compromising personal information of millions of users. The latest victim is crowdfunding juggernaut Kickstarter. It announced via its official blog that hackers were able to gain access to certain parts of the database, though the good news is that they weren’t able to access credit or debit card information. It would have been disastrous seeing as how most of its users have provided such information because its needed to pledge donations for campaigns. However, even if hackers would have been able to access said information, they wouldn’t have been able to do much with it as Kickstarter doesn’t store full credit card numbers in its databases.

The hackers have caused some damage nonetheless. They were able to gain access to a database that had usernames, mailing addresses, email addresses, encrypted passwords and even phone numbers. Kickstarter says that users who have linked their Facebook account with the site need not worry as they’ve reset all Facebook tokens, meaning that users will have to give Kickstarter permission again if they want to link their FB account once more. The site also says that it has plugged the exploit that allowed hackers to get in.

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