mgs-shoesFans of games, television series, movies, and comics are more often than not willing to sport merchandise that shows off their love for the game, movie, and etc. Well if you’re a huge Metal Gear Solid fan and you would love to show off your loyalty to the franchise, you might be pleased to learn that Hideo Kojima has announced there will be Metal Gear Solid clothing available for purchase via Konami’s Japanese store. As it stands the company is offering jackets and shoes, with the jackets being of the track jacket variety. It will come in two design options, one of camo and the other in dark gray, both emblazoned with the Diamond Dogs insignia. The jackets are expected to retail for $147.

Next up are the shoes which is a collaboration with Puma. One of them sports a camo these with a hidden dog design within the design of the shoe itself, so you might have to keep a close eye on it. The other design appears to be a more somber design with a dark colored finish (we can’t tell if it’s black or a dark brown). According to Kojima, “I’ve been true loyal & wearing PUMA shoes for last 10 years. Assure u the quality of our collab w PUMA.” Unfortunately the shoes are a tad more expensive at $195 for a pair, but they do look pretty spiffy and if you’re a fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the Puma brand, perhaps you might want to consider them. The shoes and jackets will be available come March 20th and you can check them out at Konami’s online store.

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