layar-creatorFor those of you who recently logged in to the Layar Creator today, it would not be too far off the mark to say that there are some noticeable changes made to the overall look as well as feel. If you did, then be at peace and rest assured not to make any adjustments to your monitor, since a substantial update has just been launched for the Layar Creator, and it is not as simple as slapping on a new coat of paint here. The new Layar Creator 2.0 has been touted to be a whole lot easier than ever before to get started using Interactive Print.


Interactive Print, having begun its life as an experimental technology, has taken a powerful and strategic step in the right direction to help boost print revenue as well as increase reader engagement by publishers, marketeers and brands. In fact, the printed page, once thought to be on its way out on the carriage of obsolescence, has ended up as the new point-of-sale.

The print industry would most probably appreciate all of the bells and whistles that have been thrown into the mix with Layar Creator 2.0, where it sports a new tabbed interface that makes it a snap to navigate between editing, testing, collaborating and promoting campaigns in a intuitive and simple manner. [Press Release]

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