led-hatsFashion is an evolutionary “creature”, so to speak, especially when you consider how it has come and go in various cycles throughout the years. PixMob of Canada could kick off a new phenomenon when it comes to addressing fashion in a crowded area such as at stadiums or concerts. How so, one may ask? Well, this year’s Superbowl saw PixMob supply every single one of the 80,000 ticket holders a hat that has integrated LED technology, and considering how it is the most tweeted sporting event in the U.S. to date, you can be sure that images of LED hats have done its fair share of traveling through numerous data tubes worldwide.

In a nutshell, at the halftime break, the effect was stunning if a macro shot was captured, since the entire range of spectators themselves ended up being the light show as well as witnessing one. All of the hats are specially controlled thanks to wireless transmitters that enables PixMob to change variables including the color, brightness and pulse of the lights. PixMob’s technology was also used at the recent opening ceremony at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Move aside, glow sticks, waved lighters and smartphones – LED hats might be here to stay.

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