lg-bed-cleanerLG has just introduced the wireless bedding cleaner that is known as the Bedding King in South Korea, except that this particular device will target the Japanese market instead. Bedding King was first rolled out in October of 2013, where it did meet a reasonable degree of success in its domestic market. Other than the Land of the Rising Sun, it has also launched in China. Well, we do know that demand for bedding cleaners increased by 30% in Japan because of the extra humid climate. This wireless bedding cleaner from LG will go about removing ticks as well as hairs on the bed using motion vibration, a powerful suction power as well as a soft rotation brush.

You will find this LG creation to run on a couple of high performing HEPA filters that are capable of trapping tiny dust particles which could result in problems for allergy sufferers and others with health problems, so hopefully, if you have been suffering from allergy issues in the past, the LG Bedding King would be able to help solve those problems. There is also a UV lamp located within the station which will sterilize harmful bacteria at the bottom of the cleaner so that there is no chance of any secondary contamination happening.

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