lg-logo-001-640x480The Windows Phone platform from Microsoft has had its biggest “fan” in the form of Nokia, once a heavyweight in the world of mobile phones before smartphones made featurephones irrelevant. Having said that, the likes of Samsung and HTC have churned out Windows Phone-powered smartphones in the past that can be counted on just the fingers that are on one hand, preferring instead to concentrate on the Android-powered platform by Google instead. Well, while Microsoft has announced earlier today that LG happens to be one of the hardware developers for the Windows Phone platform, it seems as though LG has not yet made any concrete plans to churn out handsets which will run on Windows Phone.

According to Pocket Lint, an LG spokesperson over at the Mobile World Congress trade show mentioned that as of right now, LG has no Windows Phone devices on their product roadmap. I guess this could be one of the early announcements by Microsoft to indicate LG’s potential interest in this mobile operating system, never mind that nothing concrete has come up just yet. Even if LG were to release a new Windows Phone device, it will only roll out by the end of this year at the earliest, and this is based on assumption.

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