lg-logo-001-640x480As we’re sure many of you guys have heard by now that Lenovo will be acquiring Motorola Mobility from Google. While Lenovo might not necessarily be a company known for smartphones (more for their computers), they have managed to take acquisitions and successfully turn them into a moneymaker, like what they did with IBM’s ThinkPad lineup of laptops. That being said, will they be able to do the same with Motorola? And more importantly, how do other Android OEMs feel about it? Well it seems that at least one Android OEM doesn’t seem too bothered and it is none other than South Korean tech company, LG.

When asked if LG might be worried with Lenovo acquiring Motorola, Kim Jong Hoon, head of product at LG, was quoted as saying, “There are many talks over Lenovo and Motorola in the media right now and how it affects LG, but internally, we aren’t discussing much about it.” Given that Motorola hasn’t really put many handsets out there lately, save for the Moto X and Moto G, we guess LG is feeling pretty confident. After all the company’s LG G2 from 2013 was considered something of a hit, and the company recently announced its latest handset, the LG G Pro 2, but what do you guys think? Will this Lenovo-Motorola deal be something Android OEMs should be worried about?

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