ps4-foxJust the other day we reported that Hideo Kojima teased that there might be some kind of Metal Gear Solid 5 collaboration between the company and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Well sure enough it turns out that the speculators were right in that Sony would be launching a MGS5 themed PlayStation 4 console in collaboration with Kojima Productions. This announcement came about the studio’s Twitter account in which the limited edition console was revealed. According to the announcement, the limited edition PlayStation 4 would be known as the Fox Edition and would come with the Fox emblem emblazoned on the side of the console and a copy of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes.

According to the announcement, the bundle would be priced at 46,980 yen which when converted is roughly $462. Given that the PS4 alone costs $399, we reckon that a limited edition model along with a game for $462 doesn’t seem like too bad a deal. The bundle will also be seeing a release in Japan come 20th of March. Unfortunately there was no mention as to whether those of us living stateside would be given the pleasure of owning the bundle. Also chances are if it does arrive stateside, its price tag will probably be different as well. Then again we expect that enterprising gamers in Japan will probably buy it and resell it online for a higher price, so that’s one avenue gamers can explore if the bundle is limited to a Japan-only release.

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