os-x-mavericks-octoberUpdates are always a welcome thing, right? Since most updates tend to do away with bugs and introduce new features, it is understandable why they are, for the most part, welcome. However there are times when an update might be too drastic, thus holding users back from updating, like when iOS 6 was updated to iOS 7, and when Microsoft introduced Windows 8. That being said, a study conducted by ComputerWorld has revealed that in terms of upgrading themselves to the latest version of the operating system, Mac users are apparently four times more likely to do so than Windows users.

According to their findings, “Apple’s convinced 41.6 percent of Mac users who acquired their system since 2001 and still actively use them online to adopt the current edition of the OS,” versus Microsoft’s 11.6%. Of course it should be noted that the latest build of OS X, Mavericks, is a free upgrade over its predecessor, a first for Apple. This might also explain why its adoption rate is higher than its predecessors as well, which were paid upgrades. We expect there might be other factors as well but what do you guys think? Why do you think that is?

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