life-size-mario-kartI am quite sure that many of us would wish that sometimes, our fantasy worlds as well as science fiction environments will be transported to the real world. Those who have given Nintendo’s Mario Kart a go before would most probably wish that they too, had red colored turtle shells hovering around their car when they go out and battle with the other commuters in the mad rush hour. Well, here we are with a real-life version of Mario Kart that is more than ready to burn rubber in your neighborhood, thanks to the folks over at Jakks Pacific.

Known as the Super Mario Kart Ride-On Vehicle, kids (sorry, adults!) are able to drive around in this four wheeled vehicle. The kart itself will be rechargeable in nature, where it is capable of ferrying one child inside as long as he or she does not weigh more than 70 pounds. Not only that, to add a dash of realism and open up the door for you to teach your child some physics, you can switch between off- and on-road tires. In addition, all of the familiar sounds will be part of the deal, where you get a horn and the full range of Mario Kart 7 sound effects. The asking price for this puppy? $200 a pop.

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