Pre-Promote-Super-MarioWe all know Nintendo’s stance on mobile, which is basically them saying no to creating games for mobile platforms like iOS or Android. However Nintendo has made concessions in lieu of its recent poor performance which was brought on by the Wii U not selling as well as it should. The company revealed that while they will not be creating games like Mario or Zelda for mobile devices, they are open to the idea of licensing out their characters for use in other ways, and one of those ways could be Mario toys heading to your kid’s Happy Meal soon.

This is thanks to a sighting on McDonalds’ UK website where they were spotted promoting an upcoming Mario Happy Meal. Unfortunately the ad was a bit vague and it wasn’t clear as to what kind of toys are we talking about here. Could we be looking at hard plastic Mario toys? Mini plushies? Keychains? Code for DLCs for the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii U? Well whatever the case is, it is sure to draw the attention of not just children, but adults as well who might be fans of the Mario franchise. In the past we have seen how popular some of these Happy Meal toys can get. In fact there are some out there who make a living by collecting Happy Meal toys and reselling them due to their popularity.

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