Rumors have started circulating once again that Amazon is developing its very own game console, while the company hasn’t given any details on that, it did confirm earlier today that its acquiring the Double Helix Games studio. Double Helix behind popular titles such as Killer Instinct. Even though its developer has now been purchased, Microsoft today confirmed that it plans to continue supporting Killer Instinct, which also happened to be one of the launch titles for its new gaming console, the Xbox One.

Killer Instinct players were quite concerned when news first broke that Double Helix has been acquired, they’ve been waiting for season two of content as well as updates to the game that have long been promised. Microsoft reiterated its commitment to the game and said that it will announce a new development partner soon. The company said that its Killer Instinct team is not changing and that the franchise will remain with Microsoft Studios, the company also said that its “excited about the future” of Killer Instinct, in a statement provided to Eurogamer. Even Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer took to Twitter to address fans’ concerns, saying that the company had a plan in place for this transition, and that the franchise is something he believes in.

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