moga_rebelBack in November 2013, MOGA released their MFi game controller, Ace Power. However it seems that the Ace Power gaming controller is not the only controller that MOGA has planned because according to a recent photo that was teased, it shows an unannounced gamepad with a button that presumably will enable its Bluetooth connectivity.

Based on this we can only assume that the controller pictured above is a wireless controller that pairs with devices via Bluetooth. We’re not sure if MOGA will be making this an iOS exclusive, but if it does sport Bluetooth, chances are it will pair with a number of devices, Android included.

It will also pair with bigger iOS devices like iPads. Either way this move to wireless is indeed a change of pace given that the Ace Power relied on a Lightning connector to hook up to iOS devices.

We’re not sure when MOGA will be revealing this upcoming gamepad in full or how much it will cost, but considering that the Ace Power is currently priced at $79.99 (down from its original price of $99.99), we can only assume that a Bluetooth version will cost slightly more.

Hopefully we will learn more about MOGA’s upcoming gamepad soon, so check back with us down the road to see if there are any additional details to be had! In the meantime would you have preferred a Lightning connector gamepad or is Bluetooth the way to go here?

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