monkey-iphoneNow here is an image that you might find it difficult to forget afterwards – that of a monkey, dipping itself in a hot spring in Japan. Sounds and looks pretty normal? Actually, there is more to the image than this. Apparently, the monkey, just like us humans, have some unfinished business on its smartphone, which leads us to see it appear in a hot spring with smartphone in paw. Interestingly enough, when you want to express that something is extremely simple in Japanese, it translates to “Even a monkey is able to understand it.” Imagine applying this phrase in the literal context with this unique photo!

Seeing this happen in the animal kingdom does lead you to wonder whether you are spending way too much time on your smartphone in the loo, or while you are soaking in a bathtub. After all, there are appropriate times and places for one to use a smartphone, and doing so while taking a bath should not be necessary unless you are in a position of an emergency. One thing’s for sure, the monkey business that you see above is certainly borne more out of curiosity than anything else. What are some of the other technologies that you have seen animals attempt to use in the past? Do share in the comments!

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