Given that modern day computing is all about the user interface, rarely do we have the need to go into console mode. Perhaps technicians and other professionals still require the console mode to access parts of the computer, but for the most part, the average user does not need to access it. That being said we’re not sure how many newer users these days are actually aware that their computers have a console mode? Let alone be able to create music from the console? Well that’s what one YouTuber did. Diode Milliampere is an electronic musician living out if Chicago, Illinois, and in his latest song, Aquarius, he decided to piece together the entire track using MS-DOS.

According to his SoundCloud page, he explains how he managed to do all of this. “I use Adlib Tracker II, and MS-DOS program which sequences the Yamaha OPL3 chip. My earlier music was created with Ableton Operator and there are some LSDJ songs in there.” The end result is a pretty decent track, albeit rather 8-bit-ish like you might expect from an older computer game, but pretty entertaining nonetheless. If you have a few minutes to spare, then perhaps this song could be worth checking out.

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