navitimeJapan, the land where manga was born, fast Internet connectivity, as well as amazing video games which have turned into cult favorites, also happens to be a country where it has the third most Internet users in the world. Having said that, it would not be too far off the mark to think that this would mean one ought to be able to find a free Wi-Fi connection at just about anywhere, right? No! Mapping company Navitime Japan also thinks along the same line, and they hope to do something to address this particular situation by calling it “Free WiFi Spot Search.”

The “Free WiFi Spot Search” will function offline, where the app (which is free, by the way) will make use of your mobile device’s GPS capability to figure out the closest signal, before it sends you in that direction under the guise of its Augmented Reality (AR) mode. NTT East, a Japanese carrier, will assist in this quest by putting up on offer its 40,000 hotspots free to tourists for a fortnight, but this will only be made available if the tourists sign up in their home countries before arriving. It is somewhat akin to purchasing the shinkansen passes in your home country. [Product Page]

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