Not so long ago Amazon revealed that it has been working on a concept that would enable them to deliver goods to customers within 30 minutes after an order has been placed. Called Amazon Prime Air, the concept utilizes drones for speedy deliveries. Obviously there’s a top of red tape to go around and a lot of other issues that need to be sorted before Amazon’s drone delivery ambitions can see the light of day, but that won’t stop Netflix from mocking it. Director of engineering at Netflix, Paul Johnson, has posted a video on his personal YouTube channel which is essentially a funny parody of Amazon Prime Air, he calls it “Netflix Drone To Home.”

Filled with obvious jabs at Amazon, the video description boasts that Netflix has developed a new DVD delivery service, “Drone 2 Home,” and that subscribers can now get their DVDs in “mere minutes using the almost robust drone delivery service.” Throughout the video the narrator continues to take swings at Amazon, even saying that “unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to the market, we have literally spent days working out most of the bugs.” The surprisingly inadequate looking Netflix drones are shown to be capable of delivering “a disc to you, wherever you might be,” even if that entails delivering a DVD in the men’s room.

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