s-voiceWith the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 set to arrive on the horizon, you know for sure that the rumor mills, too, will be working overtime in order to continue hyping up the smartphone and what it entails. The Galaxy S5’s arrival should see changes made (for the better, we hope) to Samsung’s S Health and WatchON apps, in addition to introducing a makeover to the S Voice interface. A bunch of leaked screenshots do point to just such a revamped service.

According to anonymous sources, S Voice, which is Samsung’s very own voice-activated personal assistant, will soon be a whole lot faster when it comes to its performance. Hopefully this means it is capable of crunching one’s input without too much delay, although we will only be able to tell how much better it has become in due time when it is finally available for real world testing.

We do wish, however, that the aesthetics as well as color scheme would have been altered to reflect a more modern look. As it stands, it is not much to look at – rather drab, actually. What do you think? Hopefully non-native English speakers too, will be able to find the new S Voice app appealing enough to use.

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