nikon-d4The Nikon D4 was announced back in 2012, suggesting that perhaps it might be about time that Nikon announce an upgrade. That update is rumored to be the Nikon D4S which we have been hearing about recently, and if a recent Nikon invite is to be believed, come 11th of February that is when we can expect Nikon to make an announcement related to the Nikon D4S. In any case for those who remain slightly skeptical about this news, here’s further proof that the Nikon D4S cold be in the works and prime for an announcement, as major US retailers have since listed the Nikon D4 as having been discontinued.

These major retailers include websites such as B&H, Adorama, and Amazon, all of whom are pretty big names when it comes to purchasing cameras online, so presumably they know something we don’t otherwise they would not have simply listed the camera as being discontinued. Now the good news is that the rumors are also claiming that the Nikon D4S, despite being a newer and better camera, will be priced the same as the Nikon D4, meaning that we can expect it to be priced at around the $5,999.99 mark for the body-only. In any case hopefully more details will be revealed on the 11th of February, so check back with us then for the details.

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