d600When the Nikon D600 was launched, it was shortly after that photographers started to notice that there were dust and oil spots on its sensor. Naturally this did not sit well with many photographers. After all they paid good money for a product only to find out that it has this issue. Of course getting the sensor cleaned isn’t a problem, but it can be a tedious and expensive process, especially if one has to keep at it multiple times.


Well the good news is that after having a class-action lawsuit filed against them over this issue, Nikon has since issued a statement on its website in which they are basically offering Nikon D600 customers free cleaning, free shutter replacements, and free shipping to get the problem fixed. But wait, the Nikon D600 is kind of old, what if your warranty has expired?

That’s the real good news because Nikon will be offering up this service to ALL of its D600 customers, regardless or not whether their warranty has expired. As it stands this offer was made on Nikon USA’s website, so we’re not sure if this service will be extended to other parts of the world where photographers might be affected, but we can only hope that it will.

So far we have heard reports of how Nikon has actually been replacing some D600 units with D610 units for certain customers, since the Nikon D610 is actually more or less the D600 without the dust/oil spot issue. For more information, hit up Nikon’s website for the details.

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