nokia-x-hands-on-01One of the problems that might potentially hold the Nokia X from becoming one of the more popular Android phones would be its apps. Due to the fact that it runs a forked version of Android, it means that it does not have access to Google’s services, including the Play Store, unlike most other Android phones.


Well Nokia is hoping to change that by announcing a contest in which they are asking developers to submit their apps to Nokia’s app store. Each developer can only submit a maximum of 10 apps and there has to be certain criteria that needs to be filled in order for it to be counted.According to one of the rules, “Your Nokia X app must have the same name and duplicate the same functionality and content as its Android counterpart.” It also states that the app cannot features static content, and must also not be about promoting a business. The app also has to be free or paid, but not both (in the Play Store there are some apps offered free to allow users to try, and then there are the full versions which are paid apps).

This contest will end on the 24th of March 2014 and with each successful app submitted, developers will be given points. We’re not sure what the points will do or what they can be redeemed for as the contest page did not mention any gifts/prizes, but if you’re a developer, why not help make the Nokia X a success by populating its app store?

Interestingly enough despite the Nokia X not being released for countries like the US, Japan, South Korea, or Canada, one of the stipulations is how the app “must be available in the Nokia Store for download or purchase in Canada.”

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