image_thumb24It is widely believed that Nokia could announced the Nokia Normandy/Nokia X at MWC 2014, which in itself is surprising given that Nokia is close to being acquired by Microsoft, with Microsoft being one of Android’s rivals with its own Windows Phone operating system. That being said, it looks like one Vietnamese online retailer might have gotten ahead of themselves when they have listed the handset on their website and had attached a price tag to it as well. According to the listing, the price of the Nokia Normandy, or Nokia X A110 as it is supposedly known commercially, is at around $110 after conversion.

However it looks like the retailer might simply be speculating as they have put in its status that the handset has not yet been officially announced, so all the specs you’re seeing above and its price could simply be the result of guesswork and could also be based on the rumors that we have been hearing about so far. The handset has been gaining a fair amount of attention recently, and for those unfamiliar, the Nokia Normandy was allegedly an experiment by Nokia to see what they could do with the Android platform, and it was initially thought to be a prototype and nothing more. But as time went on, the rumors started claiming that the device could be made into a reality and last we heard, Nokia is apparently not stopping there.

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