nokia-samsungSo earlier today Samsung announced the long-awaited and highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5. Unfortunately it seems that some of the rumors did not pan out as we did not see a QHD display, although some of it did pan out, like the fact that it would be waterproof and dustproof and would pack a fingerprint sensor. Overall there were some who thought that perhaps the Galaxy S5 was boring, as some had hoped and thought that the handset would be revolutionary in terms of its hardware and design. That being said, it seems that Nokia thinks so as well as they have recently tweeted the photo above.

As you can see in the image above, it reads, “Not the Samesung,” which some have taken to mean that Nokia was not impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S5, and how for the most part its design has been kept relatively similar to its previous handsets. The photo also appears to be promoting Nokia’s own Android efforts in the form of the Nokia X, which in all honesty does look like older Nokia designs as well, but hey, what’s a little friendly ribbing amongst rivals, right? In the meantime what do you guys think? Do you agree that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is perhaps a little uninspired and that Nokia is right in poking fun at them?

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