docusignDeveloping your very own signature that is unique to yourself and difficult to copy could prove to be quite a challenge, but fret not – digital technology has upped the ante when it comes to safety and security after both Microsoft and DocuSign have agreed to deliver eSignature to Office 365 customers. With DocuSign eSignature applications in Office 365, it does not matter just what size your company is – this feature would be able to assist companies regardless of their size to experience an increase speed to results, further cost reduction all the while creating a better customer experience.


DocuSign’s eSignature apps for Office 365 will hit the Office Store in early March, where it would be able to offer customers with the ability to submit and sign documents without having to go through the hassle of quitting the respective Microsoft application, so that one is able to quickly, seamlessly and confidently perform a business transaction.

Specially built on the Office 365 platform, this particular eSignature app will include integration within Outlook, Word, SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013. All DocuSigned documents will be stored in Microsoft OneDrive for Business automatically for full control, and you can bet your bottom dollar that DocuSign and Microsoft’s existing collaboration will see new innovations introduced to the masses in due time over on the Office 365 platform.

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