pc-gamerIf you were a developer, which would be your platform of choice if you were tasked to create a game for? Would it be for consoles, like the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, or would it be for the PC? Or maybe even mobile like smartphones and tablets? Well thanks to a recent poll conducted by the Game Developers Conference, it seems that an overwhelming amount of developers have chosen to develop for either the PC or for smartphones. According to the numbers, a whopping 52% of developers who were polled claimed that they intend to release their next title for the PC/Mac. This was followed by 51% of developers who intended for their releases to arrive for smartphones and tablets.

This begs the question, what about next-gen consoles? With all the hype surrounding the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One ahead of its launch last year, we would have thought developers would be clamoring to release their games on said platform, but as it turns out perhaps the hype and anticipation might have been lower than we thought. The polls found that only 17% of developers planned on releasing for the Xbox One, and 20% for the PlayStation 4. The lead on the PS4 isn’t all too surprising given how well the console is doing, suggesting that there might be more gamers interested in the PS4 compared to the Xbox One, but why do you guys think that the results are such? Could it be the ubiquity of the PC and smartphone platform that just makes more sense to develop games for?

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