helmet-numberA Russian snowboarder, Alexey Sobolev, has inadvertently caused his iPhone to crash – after he placed his phone number on his helmet. The reason he did that? He claimed that he was bored, and hence, decided to place his phone number on his helmet. Unfortunately, the wonders of modern day technology such as freeze frame and high resolution video has caused his phone number to be taken down, and that is where the problems begin. In fact, so many people took advantage of his phone number by making calls in his direction, so much so that the amount of messages and images overwhelmed his iPhone, that it actually froze.

Just how many images and messages are we talking about here? Over 2,000 in total. After his iPhone was reset, Sobolev then went ahead to go through the different messages and images, including some naked photos that might just divert his attention somewhat from whatever he is doing at that particular point in time. Not the smartest move that an athlete can make professionally, right? I am quite sure that this experience would serve as a template to others who want to “share” some of their personal details in front of today’s Full High Definition or even 4K cameras.

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