pokemon-bank-euPokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter are a couple of applications that Nintendo 3DS Pokemon fans have been looking forward to for quite a fair bit of time. Those fans who happen to live across the pond (that is, Europe) as well as Australia are in for a jolly good time – they are now able to retrieve their beloved Pokemon from generation 5 games, which will include Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Black2/White2. Both Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter can be downloaded from the European and Australian 3DS eShops.


With Pokemon Bank, budding Pokemon Trainers are able to stash away up to 3,000 Pokemon within, with storage space of up to 100 boxes so that your favorites can be stashed in there. This would be the ideal solution for event collectors, that is for sure. Those who have downloaded the application have until March 14th to experience it for free. Once the free trial is over, it will cost you £4.49/€4.99/$4.99 a year. Hmmm, digital storage space as another stream of revenue for Nintendo? That is simply brilliant, although what happens when one’s interest in the Pokemon franchise peters out?

As for those of us living in North America, there has been no official release date mentioned just yet, so we will just have to sit tight and play the patience card at the moment.

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