posturaromaDiamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but not everyone is able to afford a bunch of diamonds to as accessories to go along with their evening gowns at black tie events. Of course, there are always other kinds of alternatives such as semi-precious gems or even crystals, but how about taking this opportunity to truly stand out from the crowd with some tech-infused baubles? This is what the PosturAroma is all about, where this particular project would not only help complement your dressing, but it will also be able to perform other kinds of functions such as sensing your pulse, your posture, as well as watch your stress levels?

The PosturAroma is a project which has been developed by students Akarsh Sanghi, Shinichiro Ito, and Laura Mul from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where it intends to explore the possibility of having jewelry which has been fused with technology in order to deliver some sort of practical functionality to the wearer. If it ever hits the market, the PosturAroma will be sold as a “safety” and “confidence building” wearable. It intends to monitor your posture by releasing various scents in order to modify the wearer’s behavior, since scent would function as an emotional trigger for behavior change. [Project Page]

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