The 2014 3D Print Show is all set to kick off, and Printrbot intends to show off their very first metal-framed 3D printer there. Printrbot happens to have the reputation of being one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, where it is famous for its low-cost, open-source, wood-framed machines. Well, this time around, an evolution has happened with the new machine being coming in an aluminum and steel frame, making it a wee bit larger compared to the existing laser-cut plywood Simple, while sporting a fire engine red that is definitely sure to capture anyone’s attention. Not only that, the print bed itself has also grown, where it is now capable of supporting prints up to 6″x 6″x 6″.

The wooden Simple, in contrast, does just 4″x 4″x 4″ prints. This increased print size will be due in part to new Z-axis rods that has grown from 8mm to 12mm. The metal frame itself looks sharp, which helps it absorb sound, and those who have made initial test prints found it to make a whole lot less noise compared to the wooden Simple. This new Simple will also be equipped with a Z-axis end-stop adjustment knob and a self-leveling bed, a function which not too many manufacturers use. The metal Simple can be purchased later this spring, and the final pricing details have yet to be determined, although it should fall squarely between the wooden Simple’s $399 and the Printrbot Junior’s $699.

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