quadstickThe QuadStick is a Kickstarter project that could actually help add some color to the life of quadriplegics, as this unique game controller is capable of responding to mouth and voice commands. After all, shouldn’t everyone, regardless of their physical limitation, deserve to enjoy a spot of Mario once in a while? Quadriplegics and those who have limited use of one’s arms and hands will definitely see the QuadStick as a lifesaver, especially when it comes to spending those long and lonely hours without anyone around.

Inspired by the work of a certain Ken Yankelvitz, who happens to be a pioneer in constructing mouth-controlled joysticks and other kinds of adaptive devices, the QuadStick will hook up via USB, and will be 100% operated using mouth movements and sound alone. Comprising of a 3D-printed mouthpiece alongside the necessary slew of sensors which are able to recognize sips, puffs of air and lip position, you can use the QuadStick as a mouse and have it hook up to compatible voice-recognition software on a computer so that voice commands can be sent over to a PS3. Looks like the phrase “tongue action” would carry a whole new meaning now! Here’s hoping that the QuadStick would be able to meet its funding goal.

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