One of the reasons people play video games is to escape reality for a brief period of time. For the most part, games are set in a fictional world, whether it be medieval fantasy or sci-fi, but for those looking for something a little familiar and closer to home, perhaps ReROLL could be a game worth checking out in the future. The game, developed by former Ubisoft employees who have worked on games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, will be making use of drones. These drones will be deployed and used to map out the game’s world by using real-world map data, basically meaning that there might be some areas in the game that you will find familiar.

In fact real-world weather and temperatures will be used in the game as well, so if it is raining or snowing in a particular area, you will experience that in the game as well. However apart from keeping the terrain and environment similar to the real world, the gameplay itself will be very different as ReROLL has been designed to be a scavenging/crafting/survival game, but we suppose the kick is that these are places that you might have seen in photos or actually visited yourself. However the entire world will not be mapped, yet, but it’s still a pretty cool idea nonetheless. If you’d like to learn more, hit up its website for the details, or check out the announcement video above.

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