tena-prototypeThere are times in life when a particular experience would actually jolt us into action, and in July 2012, Ahmad Haidar saw a young man die at the hands of a Syrian army sniper. the first shot hit the victim in the leg, before the second shot hit the man squarely in the neck, killing him instantly. Ahmad then decided to put his expertise in electronics and computer programming to develop a remote-controlled robot that has large mechanical arms which will hopefully be able to ferry sniper casualties to safety. This robot, known as Tena, has caterpillar tracks to help it traverse all sorts of terrain.

Tena took seven months to fabricate and assemble, where its robotic arms will need to be mounted on a bulldozer chassis in order to be effective. Tena will transport wounded people in an armoured compartment to a place of safety where medical assistance can then be offered. Hopefully Tena is fast enough to pick up sniper victims without aggravating the injury suffered. Also, keep your fingers crossed that the sniper would not be able to get the next fatal shot in. Also, will Tena’s material be strong enough to withstand shots to its critical motors and moving parts?

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