new-angry-birdsIf you think that there has been more than enough Flappy Bird news circulating the Internet these days, and want to take a break from it all, how about this pleasant bit of information from Rovio, the developers of the hugely popular Angry Birds franchise that shows no signs of slowing down or dying out? Rovio took to Twitter to share with the masses that “Big adventure with new birds coming soon!” How soon would this be, we would not know, but I would think that they would not drag this out to the length of what Duke Nukem Forever fans had to endure – which is a very good thing, of course.

As to the kind of “big adventure” that the new Angry Birds title will bring, that remains to be seen although I am quite sure that many of us are open to speculation as to what this new title will deliver. Will it be set in the Wild, Wild West? Perhaps there might be a seafaring adventure where we get pirate birds circling around cargo ships? How about paying homage to birds’ alleged ancestors, the dinosaurs, by introducing Angry Birds in a prehistoric setting? Only time will tell. Check out the full tweet below.

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