samsung-NX30-16-50mm_004Patience is always a virtue that is worth maintaining, and the same holds true with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 as well as the Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera, where the latter is seen above, while the former is spotted right after the jump. Why, you ask? Well, both devices were first introduced at CES that happened at the beginning of this year, where the Samsung NX30 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 happen to be flagship models in their respective 2014 range of digital cameras, where they will boast of a bunch of imaging and sharing technologies, where among them would include the Smart Camera 3.0 platform.


The asking price for the Samsung NX30 stands at $999.99, while those who prefer to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 will be able to do so sometime in the middle of next month for a far more affordable $449.99. Then again, the versatility of the Samsung NX30 far outstrips that of the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, so the price difference between the two should not be too much of an issue. Which of the two would you like to pick up if you are in the market for a dedicated digital camera at this particular point in time?

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