Update – In an official statement released by Dyson, “Dyson pioneered cyclonic vacuum cleaners and digital motors – and has been developing them ever since. We patent our technology, and naturally defend it.  It is surprising that a company over 100 times bigger than Dyson is so worried.  The patent system offers us some protection, but not enough: with an army of lawyers, hidden prior art is occasionally found and ways to design around existing patents identified.”

Over the past couple of years, whenever Samsung is mentioned in a lawsuit, it is usually related to mobile phones and chances are Apple will be involved as well. However as a reminder, Samsung deals with a multitude of products, ranging from smartphones to tablets, to home electronics such as televisions, speakers, fridges, and even vacuum cleaners. That being said, it seems that Samsung will be suing UK-based company, Dyson, over a vacuum cleaner design patent in which Samsung claims that Dyson is trying to hamper “Samsung’s reputation through malicious suits.”

According to the reports, Samsung is looking for Dyson to pay them as much as $9.4 million in damages, claiming that the company had infringed upon one of their patents related to vacuum cleaner design. Actually it was back in 2013 that Dyson themselves had filed a lawsuit against Samsung over the design of the Motion Sync vacuum cleaner made by Samsung, although Dyson has since withdrawn the case against Samsung several months later. We’re not sure if Samsung’s latest lawsuit against Dyson is retaliation for the initial lawsuit filed against them, but with the report that Samsung has calculated its brand value to be around 63 trillion won and could be looking at additional damages.

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