samsunglogoThe advantage that Samsung has over Apple is that they have a wider range of smartphones, ranging from the high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, to the lower-end devices that will appeal to shoppers on a budget or emerging markets, which is why it is no surprise to hear that Samsung has managed to get themselves ranked as number one for smartphone sales in China last year. According to the reports, Samsung took the first place followed by Lenovo, Huawei, and Coolpad, with Apple coming in fifth.

Interestingly enough despite Samsung taking the lead spot, reports claim that smartphone sales in China is actually on the decline. In Q4 2013, smartphone sales in China saw a rise of 21.9%, although on an annual basis, the number has been 15.9% year-over-year, which led to analysts suggesting that there could be a declining trend in sales of smartphones for the country. It is also interesting to see that Samsung is beating out local vendors like Huawei and Coolpad, showing just how dominant the South Korean tech giant really is, but what do you guys think? Are you really that surprised to find out that Samsung, and not Apple or any local Chinese company is doing so well over there?

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