Yahoo is apparently having yet another service interruption. Users have taken to Twitter to complain about said interruption, with many not being able to access sites such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Weather, Flickr and even Yahoo’s homepage. It appears that this outage started around 1:00 pm Eastern Time and since then most users have been experiencing intermittent service.

A Yahoo spokesperson has confirmed to TechCrunch that the company’s sites are facing this issue. “We are aware and working to quickly resolve the issue,” the spokesperson said, adding that “some sites are currently unavailable.” It is not completely clear at this point in time what has caused the service outage, that too across most of Yahoo’s popular sites. Yahoo just can’t see to catch a break, back in December a similar situation took down Yahoo, Yahoo Mail and Flickr. The company apologized for the downtime and promised that it would continue improving its sites so that this doesn’t happen again. Users obviously don’t appreciate having to wait for the sites to get back online, criticism is mounting on Twitter as many can’t even catch up on their emails. Yahoo Mail’s service interruption is bound to make a lot of users angry, even more so than those who just want a weather update.

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