steam-musicBack in 2013, Valve announced SteamOS along with Steam Machines, with SteamOS expected to power the Steam Machines. In any case SteamOS isn’t exactly widely available at the moment, but if you’re planning on getting your hands on a Steam Machine in the near future, Steam Music is one of the features you can look forward to. This feature was recently announced by Valve on its Steam website where they revealed that the Steam Music Beta would be coming soon to Big Picture and SteamOS interfaces soon, and desktop features are expected to soon follow.

For those wondering what is Steam Music about, it’s basically a feature of Steam that will allow gamers to listen to music while they play their games. Listening to music while playing games is definitely not new and it is practiced by thousands of gamers around the world, although we guess the main difference is that the music will be playable directly in the Steam UI without the need for you to keep an additional media player app running, like iTunes, for example. As it stands Steam Music will only be able to play locally-stored music and there is no option to purchase music, so it looks like Valve will not be headed in that direction, yet. For those interested you will be able to sign up to be part of the beta, so head on over to the Steam website for the details.

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