tmo_signT-Mobile has been pretty aggressive these days when it comes to trying to get new customers to hop onboard their service. Earlier this year we saw the carrier announce Uncarrier 4.0 in which T-Mobile was willing to go as far as paying for a customer’s ETF with a rival carrier to get them to sign with T-Mobile.

Well it looks like T-Mobile’s efforts have paid off because according to a recent Q4 2013 report released by the carrier, it seems that their aggressive strategy has worked as they have managed to add an additional 1.6 million customers to their network, 869,000 of which were of the branded postpaid type.

According to the carrier’s CEO, John Legere, “Customers are fed up with the old ways and are voting in favor of choice, innovation and doing business with a company that cares about them and is willing to earn their business. For shareholders, we transformed the Company into a fierce, growing competitor that is changing the wireless industry and creating significant value.”

However it seems that the cost of their aggressive marketing has resulted in a quarterly loss of $20 million, although it should be noted that the loss is on a revenue of $6.8 billion which is an increase of 39.1% year-over-year. But a loss is a loss, right? It remains to see how long T-Mobile will be able to keep this up as we’re pretty sure competing carriers will not be taking this lying down, but for now it looks like it is working to their advantage.

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