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Tegra 4i Phone: Wiko WAX

Wax visu noir tight1The Wiko WAX is a European (French) smartphone that is the first Tegra 4i powered handset on the continent. The just launched here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As expected, the WAX is a mid-range handset that is exactly what Tegra 4i was built for. It features a 4.7” display (720p), a 8 Megapixel Camera and a relatively plain design.

In some ways this is quite representative of the affordable no-brand phone that are starting to pop worldwide and these new players are having a very tough time to differentiate their phones from the myriad of others in an extremely competitive market.

And that’s where NVIDIA can help: with apps like TegraZone that features games optimized for the Tegra chips, Wiko can have access to a number of games with exclusive features. At the moment, the specifications are not known, but in that space, I would be shocked if there was something impressive about them: it’s all about cost and affordability in that space.

If you are not familiar with Tegra 4i, it is a quad-core processor which is less performant than the NVIDIA Tegra 4 high-end processor. However, costs much less and comes with an integrated 4G LTE modem. If you want to know more, read my complete overview of Tegra 4i.

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