Well, it has been some time in coming, but boy are we glad that our patience has paid off – The Last of Us: Left Behind’s launch trailer has just been revealed. The Last of Us has picked up its fair share of bouquets recently, including at least 230 Game of the Year picks worldwide. It is then cool to see the first ever, single-player downloadable story campaign, where it is called The Last of Us: Left Behind, revealed in a trailer. Left Behind would introduce us to the story of Ellie and Riley, where the themes of survival, loyalty, and love continue to be explored. Just what happened that turned Ellie into the fighter whom gamers were introduced to when she met Joel?

Apart from that, there will also be other questions that were thrown into the mix, including what it means for a couple of teens to survive in a world which has but a tiny glimmer of hope, in addition to the lengths that one goes to in order to save oneself. The Last of Us: Left Behind is already available on the PlayStation Store, weighing in at a rather large 5GB in size, so you might want to do something else while it is being downloaded, like you know, do some house chores and take a bath afterwards, or something. Hopefully a movie will be made out of this game franchise.

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