The-Walk--640x546Running/walking in place at the treadmill can be a pretty boring affair. In fact the monotony of running/walking is felt by many although admittedly it is a pretty crucial exercise for those looking to build some stamina and stay in shape. That being said, how come it feels so different when we’re walking with friends and we don’t realize how far we’ve walked? Perhaps it could be due to an interesting conversation that distracted you from the walk, and that’s pretty much what The Walk app is hoping to do. Developed by the UK’s National Health Service and Department of Health, The Walk is an app available for purchase via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

So what is it about? Well in order to distract the user from a potentially long and tiring walk, the app will tell an original story in which the listener will have to try and deduce why a bomb exploded in the train station. It will also allow the listener to avoid hostile agents and the police, and also how a mysterious package that you’ve been given will help to save the world. The app will also come with a pedometer to track your steps and map it out, although the app will be optimized or iOS devices with the M7 co-processor which allows for more accurate tracking that does not use up a lot of battery.

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