Titanfall might be the next big thing, and it might actually be the main reason that some folks would want to drop money on an Xbox One. Apparently, the finished title will arrive only on March 11th on both the PC as well as Xbox 360 platform, with the latter having a slight delay until March 25th. Developer of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, has already started to offer early access through a beta that interested parties are able to sign up for access from tonight onward. Here is the good news, bad news scenario – you will not have to place a pre-order for the game in order to get in, but the bad news? This beta is not open to everyone, so it remains to be seen just how many slots are available for the masses.

The beta sign-up page is here for you to apply, so why not try your luck? We do know that there will be no Xbox 360 beta that is in the pipeline according to the FAQ provided, which means that this Titanfall Beta will be available only to those who want to play it on a PC or on the Xbox One. Sign-ups will close on this coming February 14th at 7PM ET, and if you have been admitted into this closed beta, do refresh your email inbox as you should know by midnight Pacific Time on February 17th.

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