titanfallTitanfall is an upcoming FPS game that will be making its way onto Microsoft’s platforms like Windows and the Xbox. The release of the game is set for the 11th of March for the Xbox One and the bad news for Xbox One gamers is that the final resolution of the game will not be as high as you might think. According to a post on NeoGAF, a certain poster by the name of CBOAT (who has in the past been pretty reliable regarding Microsoft-related leaks) revealed that Titanfall for the Xbox One will only be released at 720p instead of 792p which was the original plan. No word on when Respawn Entertainment decided to drop the resolution towards the end, but for the less discerning gamer, we reckon it probably won’t matter too much.

However for gamers who are really picky about their graphics, perhaps you might notice some slight differences. It is actually quite surprising given that the beta of the game ran fine at 792p, so if we had to guess perhaps there were some last minute issues that might have forced Respawn Entertainment to drop it down to 720p. Either way we reckon gameplay will be more important than graphics. After all why bother with a game that looks good if it doesn’t play well, right? Either way we guess we will have to wait for the game’s release to see if the drop to 720p will make a huge impact. Anyone else disappointed by this?

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