titanfallTitanfall is an upcoming game put together by Respawn Entertainment, a group of former Call of Duty developers. The game has been scheduled for a release on the 11th of March and based on what we’ve seen so far from early gameplay videos, it certainly sounds like a very exciting game. For those wondering, Titanfall is basically an FPS where gamers can play as a solider or in a mech suit, depending on their preference. What makes the game different from other FPS games is the fact that the gameplay is not as straightforward where you look for enemies and shoot at them. Instead gamers will have the opportunity to command mech suits and if they choose to play without the suits, they will be able to run and jump off walls, making the game very dynamic.

That being said, with such gameplay, wouldn’t it be perfect for the competitive gaming scene? Perhaps, but for now, that isn’t the focus of Respawn Entertainment. Speaking to the Major Nelson blog, Respawn’s community manager, Abbie Heppe, stated that competitive gaming tournaments was not their focus and hasn’t really been their focus. “Our focus has been to get a really solid foundation out. A game that is really fun, that will attract players, and keep them playing for a really long time.” But that doesn’t mean that Titanfall won’t feature eSports-like features either, although such features could arrive in future versions of the game instead. “We’re interested in what competitive players think when the game ships, and it’s definitely something we’ll look into, but not something that’s been our primary focus.”

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