Having a house with a plot of land is a dream for many, but with it, comes stuff like having to prune the garden, water the plants, and making sure that not a single weed grows in there. That could translate to a whole lot of work really, and at times, you might even feel like purchasing a patch of artificial grass instead. Researcher and artist Cassinelli Alvaro decided to work on the Toro-bot instead, where it will arrive in a pair of walking, locationally-aware robots that has Japanese lanterns as heads. This is as weird as it gets, don’t you think so? These tiny garden robots will move around your garden from time to time so that you have a “new” look each time – without having to lift a single finger along the way.

Not only that, each of the Toro-bots will feature its own encoded “personality”. Using a bunch of infrared rangefinders, these robots are able to sense their surroundings, as well as react to the presence of a human by scurrying out of the way. They are centrally connected via Xbee radios which in turn is hooked up to your iPad sans wires, so that you can monitor or change their personalities at your whim and fancy.

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